Saturday, 15 September 2018

Sept 2018

     Like many, a busy summer but not necessarily a creative one.

     I decided to use up a batch of samples I had made for classes that I taught several years ago and made them into charity quilts. I needed something relatively small that I could hand-sew while waiting at the many appointments my daughter had after her surgery.  Binding small Preemie quilts for our local hospital as well as some baby quilts for the women's shelter was a start.

     I finished up 5 small quilts, sent another off to a family member who had a baby in June and am currently on the second one for the local women's shelter.
     There are also several partially finished art pieces that need a decision. I will not finish them and they are taking up space .... one solution is to cut them up into postcard size quilt art.
     Apologies to Lauren Harris, Ontario Group of 7 artist ... this started out as a cover for my tablet but wasn't going the way I planned. Cutting it into 4 X 6 inch sections made more sense.

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