Sunday, 9 October 2016

Venice (Europe 11)

So .. do I finish an old project or start a new one???

     This photo of Venice has been calling to me. A very grey picture except for the buildings where the canal starts to turn. On our Rick Steves' 21 Day Europe Tour we were able to rent 4 gondolas & a pair of Italian musicians late one evening and we drifted through the canals with our gondolier managing the oar.
 The art quilt size will be approximately 30" X 24" and a little less white/grey

     I couldn't find any material that I thought suitable for the water ... starting with the lighter patterned blue means I can make it darker with Inktense pencils, fabric markers or paint and add angelina fibres to give the luminescent quality.  Lots of threadwork is needed for all the architectural detail. (probably not the detail in the corners of the arch ... I believe the figures are naked men. ha ha)

Saturday, 8 October 2016

Colour Challenge Revisited

     I am not always a stickler for rules if I am there when they are being created and I can ask if exceptions or modifications can be applied, but when you come into a project after it has already started and you see that the first few creations by other members are following the rules, you work within the given guidelines.
     So ... that being said, the Colour Challenge was meant to be a series of 10" X 8" pictures, mounted on small canvases so they could be hung.
1. July - Complimentary
2. Aug - Analgous
3. Sep - Triad
4. Oct - Tetrad
5. Nov - Split Complementary
6. Jan - Monochromatic
7. Feb - Achromatic - no colors - black,white, greys
8. Mar - High contrast or low contrast - color only
9. Apr - Full color - pure color, outer edge of color wheel

     But then cracks began to appear .... some people decided they wanted to do different sizes; some only completed certain colour months .... Hmmmmmmm.

     Although I was pleased with the overall concept, I really didn't like the 9 separate pieces (completed mid-June 2016) ... and being the artist, decided that if I wanted to modify the work, it was my choice!!

     All the binding was removed from the 9 pictures; they were trimmed and sewn together in one block, with a narrow dark grey border. (approx size 30 1/2" X 24 1/2")

     A few of the house lines are not exact matches but I like the overall look much better. This would be an interesting picture if I chose one of the colour challenges and did the whole picture that way .... maybe in just achromatic or perhaps in monochromatic.