Friday, 2 March 2018

One Dead Fish

     Charlotte loves her birthday Sea Creatures quilt. I machine-quilted the panels separately and then hand-sewed the panels together ... it was while hand sewing I realized that one puffer fish had his fin on the wrong side of his body, and the poor guy was floating upside down.  Perhaps he is not dead, but rather swimming to his own desires.  No matter, it is not too obvious and he actually faces the wall side of the bed.
     The picture shows it on a queen-sized bed; C's new bed is a double.  She wasn't too keen on the bed when she first got it, but I think she has discovered that the bed holds a lot more of her stuffed animals than her crib did.  I babysat overnight a couple weeks ago and found it a bit difficult to snuggle in and read her bedtime stories with her whole menagerie!

     The SAQA Transitions quilt show is coming along; I forgot to mention that both of my pieces will be in the show. The art quilts are all in and I have remeasured them so we can have the proper length of hanging slats ... turns out some people gave me W X H measurements instead of H X W ... although I had measured and marked the boards before some of the quilts arrived, I am glad that they weren't cut before I confirmed the sizes.  I've also created a 'catalogue' of quilts ... easy enough to do until you run off the first draft and realize that several of the photos sent to me show up very dark ... they are now redone using the 'lighting' feature in my photo program. Less than a month now for the first gallery opening. And one year from now I will be able to say "I am done!!"

     I've started a commissioned quilt -- double bed, for a young man graduating in June. His original colours were orange, black, grey and purple ... that wasn't working for me. The purple had to go and has been replaced with a complementary colour --> blue!  Thank goodness he wants a relatively simple design; I should be able to have this done sometime in April before I take a holiday with my daughter.
     The panels are 24.5" X 24.5" unfinished with a light grey background. I may machine quilt this myself in small sections. Although much of the coloured fabric came from leftovers of two earlier quilts, the background grey, the batting and the backing cost a bit more than I originally estimated.  If I send the quilt out to be machine quilted, I will be lucky to have $75 in my pocket after many weeks of work.  Making bed quilts is just not worth it.