Sunday, 29 May 2016

Home again (Europe 1)

     I have returned from an AWESOME 21 day Rick Steves Tour of Europe .... with so many possible art quilting ideas that my head is overwhelmed.  I walked the gardens in Holland, the walls in Rothenberg taking pictures of rooftops, the canals in Venice, the ruins in Rome, the mountains in Switzerland .... and the list goes on.

     Of the approximate 475 photos, I have pulled out several that I think will look good in a mix of maps and pictures .... but choosing a final set-up is proving difficult.
     Several years ago I completed an art quilt based on a trip to Ireland but I would like to do a different design for this one ....

     While I think on the possibilities a little longer, I decided to clean out and reorganize the studio; I am making very few bed quilts so it is time to eliminate many of the bed quilt patterns that I know I will NEVER get around to. And then I got distracted with making some pants for Charlotte who seems to love to get into paints and mud at daycare; using a pair of pants from the store as a pattern, C will now have a set of easy-to-make, grubbing-around-in pants made from leftover t-shirt fabric.

       While traveling, I kept an eye out for quilt shops. One that was recommended in Amsterdam was not open the two times I dropped by. I did find another near the Dam as well as a couple more tiny shops in other countries, but the shops carried traditional patterns and fabric.  I bought a couple small fabric pieces to use in a sundress for C ... already cut out but not sewn together yet.