Thursday, 4 August 2016

On to Beaune (Europe 8)

     Beaune France, a beautiful town, the capital of Burgundy wines. We walked through the hospital Hotel Dieu listening to the history on our headphones. I opted for the francais set and understood perhaps 1/3 of what was said .. I had to stop and 'rewind' several times since my hearing seemed to be slower than their speaking!
     A couple blocks from our hotel, several friends and I stopped for supper, sitting in an outdoor cafe and enjoying some people-watching.
     This particular piece took just under 7 hours to complete. I am getting the hang of doing the work and my efficiency and accuracy are improving. 
     Again I have left out some little details ... like the tiny windows on the roof, an extra chimney & the people and umbrellas.  I notice odd things when working on these pieces ... in this picture, the shutters on the lower windows are not full size ... and I realized that it is because of the tiny Juliette balconies. I may go back and add the gold coloured diamonds between the windows on the mansard roof.