Monday, 11 September 2017

Sept ... a good month!

     I really should get back to my earlier frequency of adding to this blog.  By the time I start to write, I am sure to have forgotten a few items that I have worked on.

First off:
     The exhibit for "SAQA - My Corner of the World Canada" is currently in Europe. My Peggy's Cove fishing dory is in France this month and in October will be off to Venice (Venetia) Italy.  Perhaps it will tour Europe like the trip I did just over a year ago!

     The sailboat I entered in the CQA Trendtex Challenge in June, which won 1st place, was displayed in the fall CQA magazine ... I like the Tim Horton's one - very iconic Canadian!!

     The Nova Scotia, Cumberland County art quilt depicting Cape d'Or lighthouse, the fishing boats in Advocate Harbour and Spencer's Island is almost done ... just finishing up the binding and adding a hanging sleeve to the back.
     The fog gave me a lot of grief ... now that I am finished, I realize how I could have done it differently so the last 3 lobster boats could have been covered in fog as well. Bridal veil would have worked a lot better that sheer curtains and much easier to layer to get the desired depth of fog.
     Lots of detail on the lobster boats ... until you have to stitch it, you don't realize how many antennae, gauges and radar equipment they carry!!

     It was a first time for creating driftwood; mostly I am pleased with it. I did add some shadow under the larger log but I think it still needs a bit more.  Does any artist ever think their work is actually finished or do they always spot an extra area to touch up??  
     I did a loose cross-hatch stitch to connect the 3 sections but once I put the navy sashing over that, it was possible to see a small ridge where the edges connected. Today I purchased a firm interfacing and slid in under the navy sashing ... a little tricky to get it to lie smoothly. Once I ironed it, most of the ridge has been eliminated. I must remember next time to add interfacing to the strips before sewing them on to the finished work!!

     And another baby is due in a couple weeks; a friend of my daughter's from university days. This is her second. She doesn't know whether it is a girl or a boy so I made a quilt that could suit either.
    That picture didn't turn out quite like I wanted ... it is a bit windy on the deck and every time I backed up to take the picture, the wind would shift the quilt!!

     I am now starting a 2nd piece that I hope to enter in our SAQA Atlantic Canada show called "Transitions" ... I will have to work quickly on it since there are also a couple bed quilts that need to be worked on ... one in time for Christmas!

Update: baby Shelby arrived 2 weeks early ... she has a few health problems and is presently spending some time in the NICU in Halifax. She will get to enjoy her quilt soon!