Friday, 4 March 2016

A Baby

     A baby is on the way, a little boy ... but not a grandchild for me (although I expect that I will step in as 'acting grandparent' a few times since both sets of grandparents do not live near by; one is on the far side of the country in BC!) My daughter has organized the shower (this Sunday) and I have made a baby quilt for the littlest Mitchell.
     The story behind the crib quilt: the baby's room is in greys and blues; Daddy is the local weatherman for CBC hence the weather theme of showers and sunshine ... (and puddles for little boys to jump in); the grey background is straight line quilting to symbolize rain and the rest on the blue stripes is quilted in swirls and curls since Mom is a hairdresser; I even used blue thread that goes from dark to light to match the ombre or balayage style of hair dyeing that she frequently does.