Saturday, 1 July 2017

July 1st

A big celebration today with Canada's 150th birthday ... can't see a darn thing with all the fog!! I took Kate's dog out for a walk at noon ... when the noon cannon from Citadel Hill goes off, it makes the dog nervous ... today, being a birthday celebration, the cannon went off a number of times (although thankfully not 150 times!!). I had a rather jumpy dog by the time we got back to the car.

Quilt-wise: I am in the process of adding the border to my first Transitions piece of downtown Halifax. (border picture to follow later)
I think I may also quilt a bit more around the building outlines to help with a bit of a 3-D effect.

In mid-June I found out I won the Trend-Tex challenge for Quilt Canada held in Toronto.

My biggest surprise was the cheque I received a week after the show!! I thought with a fabric company sponsoring the challenge,  I would probably get a bundle of fat quarters or something. 

And our fibre arts group has a show in a Dartmouth gallery ... the 2 centre pieces in the 2nd photo (the bridges & ferry) are mine. 

Usually in our monthly meetings with our fibre arts group (now officially called Textiles Artists Collective)  we experiment and work on new techniques that one of the members has tried out and is willing to share ... I like the experimentation and the chance to try new ideas, but only some of them may actually be incorporated back in my work.

 One member likes book-making ... and for our June meeting, she taught us how to make tunnel books.

I've chosen "Oh the Places You'll Go" by Dr Seuss ... my 2 year old granddaughter was visiting last week and was totally fascinated with the preliminary stages, peering through the openings and spotting different things.
So ... I cut out the words for the title ... and by the time I was ready to finish the front, I lost part of it.  I will get that done after the holiday ... I am unable to shrink the size of the words on my home printer & will need a Staples printer to do that. I added a couple of leftover characters I cut out to some of the accordion pleats.
I also need to (should I make another book) use a lighter colour for the accordion pieces on the sides ... although the orange matches, it makes it too dark to see the pages towards the back. I wonder if I could make the accordion pleats with something lacy ... hmmm.
I also need to check with Linda: are the accordion pleats supposed to stick out when the book is closed or fold inward???