Monday, 21 September 2015


     Somehow 3 weeks have gone by in September  ... I think there are less hours in a day since I don't seem to have finished quite as many projects as I had planned!!

     My kitchen cabinets have been repainted; a 3 day job that took 5 days with a non-working weekend in the middle of it all. They are now a lovely shade of light grey instead of oak; the colour is actually called "drizzle" which goes along with the grey colour in the living room -- rain cloud. Two Rubbermaid containers are full of items that will not be going back into the cupboards; next stop is a thrift store to drop that off.

     I managed to finish the binding on a quilt, along with a hanging sleeve. I have 4 quilts that will be in the IWK-Mayflower Quilt show the first few days of October.

    The first one is called a Disappearing Hour Glass ... a variation of the Disappearing Pinwheel that I made a couple years ago.
     The fabric for much of the olive & rust coloured quilt I picked up in a little quilt shop in the Appalachians (Virginia?) years ago. Our quilt guild had a Sampler Quilt challenge, a great way to use up a couple packages of fat quarters.
     Another quilt using up colours that I no longer have in my bedrooms ... all of these are on a queen-sized bed. With mattresses being much thicker these days, I think I need to make the drops a little longer.
     This quilt is a 'mistake.
     It was not meant to be king-sized!
     All those small squares should have been 1 3/4 inches NOT 2 1/2 inches. A quilt kind of grows when the individual pieces are bigger than they should be. I could have stopped sooner, but my goal was to include the cream colour on the outside edge along with the matching cream/beige fabric next to it.
     Oh well, live & learn!

     So ... also in September, my daughter from Mississauga visited (you can see the original colour of the cabinets in this picture); Charlotte loved her aunt!

I attended a workshop on machine-quilting (which I NEED a lot more practice) and I gave a presentation on an 'intro to quilting' along with a trunk show. And of course all the normal day-to-day stuff like taking the CRV in for a service check, renewing the license (& replacing it since the old one was peeling) and starting up the fall quilting meetings.
     This week I  leave for quilting retreat in Pictou (really looking forward to that ... getting to work with Laurie Swim!!) and if all works out well, on Sunday afternoon, I hope to drive to Inverness to attend the next opening of the SAQA Atlantic Canada show.
     Then September will be done and I can hope to accomplish in October the things I meant to finish up over the summer !!